MANTECH & ARC represents the modern concept of a learning organization where the body of knowledge forms the basis of work. It is a networked group of professionals who realize that change is an all encompassing and all permeating constant phenomena. The challenges to the private and public enterprises, companies and organizations both in the development sector, industrial and the corporate world have necessitated harnessing change for sustainable growth through systemic and human resource interventions. We have been able to create awareness for the need to handle change effectively through using human ingenuity and systemic sustainability. We help organizations realize their ultimate potentials by discovering barriers to growth and suggesting realistic workable solutions applicable to their situation.
MANTECH & ARC was conceived in 1998 as Management Consulting, Research and development centre. our inception was the result of the realization that the Human side of the change management is the most challenging and yet the most rewarding one. Systemic and process based solutions are meaningless without HR and OD interventions.

MANTECH & ARC’s Alliances
International Trade Centre (ITC)
Socio Economic Development Initiatives (SEDI)
International Islamic University, Islamabad

In Pakistan, MANTECH & ARC is the exclusive network partner of International Trade Centre for the Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management (MLS-SCM℗). International Trade Centre (Geneva, Switzerland) is a joint agency of United Nations and World Trade Organization. In collaboration with ITC, MANTECH & ARC is regularly offering certification and diploma programmes in Supply Chain Management ℗ leading to EMBA.

Socio Economic Development Initiatives (SEDI) aims at encouraging and empowering the vulnerable and underprivileged individuals of the society especially women to participate actively in community-driven development projects. SEDI addresses the community's social and economic needs, providing extensive technical assistance, capacity building and skills development for small and medium enterprises.

MANTECH & ARC is one of the key partners of IPD-IIUI in Pakistan. In collaboration with IPD-IIUI, we offer human resource development programmes at individual, group and organization levels. At individual level, our focus is personal development through up-skilling and performance management. At group level, we provide a platform for experience sharing through mentoring, problem-solving, and brainstorming sessions. At organization level,

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